Machinery of the Night is the result of a recurring conversation between two friends about wanting to make dance music. After years of talking about what a good idea it would be and how much fun we would have doing it, we finally collaborated on a remix of Sebastien Tellier’s “Look” under the name Dirty Little Secret in 2010. People seemed to like it (we were pretty surprised to find it at # 1 on the Hype Machine a few days later) so we decided to make more.

“Seven Systems” was released the following spring. We both got sidetracked for a while after that, doing very important albeit not terribly interesting things. It slowed us down a bit, but we did manage to find time to remix a track by our friends The Bear (they are awesome by the way) and one of us got to see the inside of a nuclear reactor.

As of right now (November, 2013) we are back and working on new original material, new remixes, and a fresh collaboration with The Bear (they really are awesome).

Label - Southern Discipline